Privacy Policy

Welcome to TravelBuddiesTalk’s Privacy Policy

when you travel you leave bits and pieces of information about yourself behind. you flew to a prague for a week in the spring. you met some nice people, got coupons to eat at great restaurants, visited museums, galleries, churches, stores and clubs. during that time, you put your name on a few mailing list, used your credit card, and exchanged contact information with some people.

the internet is the same. as you travel to websites you leave information about yourself behind. this information can be collected and used to learn things about your visit. however, unlike brick and mortar businesses, websites have policies about collecting and using personal information that you are entitled to. values and respects your privacy. and we also respect your right to make informed decisions about your personal information. we use the information we collect to improve our website and make your experience on travelbuddiestalk more enjoyable.

acceptance of privacy policy

this privacy policy explains the policies and procedures we have in place for the collection, handling, and safeguarding of your personally identifiable information.

your use of travelbuddiestalk and any disputes related to your personal information is subject to our privacy policy and terms and conditions.

the terms of this privacy policy only apply to travelbuddiestalk and the services we provide. it does not apply to any linked websites.

what type of personal information do we collect?

when you create a profile on travelbuddiestalk, you must provide us with some of your personal information. you may disclose more information about yourself in your profile.

your email address is confidential. we will use your email to contact you, notify you of changes to the website or services we offer, and send you offer.

we do not share your email address with other users of travelbuddiestalk.

how do we use personal information?

we may use your information to: manage your account and preferences, customize your browsing experience, notify you of special offers, analyze how visitors view the website, and protect our website against misuse.

when may we disclose your personal information?

we give certain third parties access to personally identifiable information. they are our subcontractors and service providers. they assist us to manage our database of customer information, sending emails, direct marketing, data collection and analysis, storage, and services that help our website to function.

they all sign contracts representing they will safeguard your information with measures that are similar to the ones we use. you are not a third party beneficiary of those contracts.

we may disclose personally identifiable information to attorneys or law enforcement agencies to address violations of our terms and conditions or illegal conduct. we also disclose any information demanded in a court order or required by law or to prevent imminent harm to persons or property.

we may also share your information in the event of the merger or sale of our company, or a sale of all or substantially all our assets, or in bankruptcy.

how do we store your personal information?

we take our responsibility to protect the personal information we collect very seriously.

however, nothing is fail proof. we cannot and do not guarantee complete security even with these measures.

by using our website:
1. you agree and accept that we have made no guarantees; and
2. you use this website at your own risk.

how can you access your personal information?

to modify or delete your personal information:

1. log into your account;
2. click on edit profile;
3. select my details;
4. edit or delete your personal information;
5. select save changes.

choices regarding control of your personal information

travelbuddiestalk may send emails regarding promotions, offers, updates and new features related to our website.

1. you may opt-out of receiving promotional emails and offers. please follow the unsubscribe link that is at the bottom of the email.
2. you may not opt-out of receiving operational and service-based emails.
3. you may block cookies.


cookies are assigned to your internet browser to enable many features available on our website and provide a record of your preferences. they help to make your visit to our website enjoyable.

cookies are very small text files written by an internet server to a customer’s browser when information is exchanged. they can only be read by the server domain that created and placed them.

the information that cookies collects are not personally identifiable information. your identity can’t be determined from the information in a cookie.

we also use web server log files and analytic tools to make our website better. we are constantly improving our technical capabilities, your browsing experience, and the function of our website. we use information about site visits: frequency, length, and pages viewed to create a more engaging experience for you.

you can set your browser to reject cookies or notify you when a cookie has been set. you can learn how to set your browser preference in the help section of your browser.

information you give to others

we are not responsible for the way others use or manage personal information that you give to them. we strongly discourage you from sharing your personal information with other users on this website.

age restrictions

do not use our website if you are under 18 years old.

our website is not suitable for or intended for anyone under the age of 18.

we will terminate the accounts of users we believe are under 18 years old.

we do not knowingly collect information from anyone under 18 years old.

parents are responsible for monitoring their children’s use of websites.

updates to the privacy policy

we may modify or change this privacy policy at any time. the may be done with or without notice. the new privacy policy will become effective the date it is posted, and the new effective date will be listed on the bottom of the page.

customer service

please contact us with any questions or comments you may have regarding our privacy policy.

you can reach at: [email protected]