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Barot Valley

A Tranquil river, an offbeat place, some lovely meadows, a thick cedar forests, some terraced fields and a relaxing homestay – seems like your perfect holiday destination, right? Well, then Barot Village near Mandi in Himachal is one place you MUST visit without thinking any further. A part of the Uhl river valley, Barot, is a small village situated in the Mandi district of Himachal Pradesh. Considered to be a diamond among the rough terrains, Barot Valley was initially developed for a hydel project over the Uhl River that has now become a dream destination for travellers longing for the Himalayas and looking for a less crowded offbeat place. Barot Valley offers great opportunities to travellers who want to quench their thirst for adventure.


HIGHLIGHTS (Scroll for detail itinerary)
 Late-night Dinner in roadside Dhaba.
 Having lunch beside a river.
 Sight some wildlife in Nagru Wildlife Sanctuary.
 Take blessings from Barot Temple.
 Go on a water-slide at Shanan Hydel Power Project.
 Try trout fishing in Uhl river.
 A de-stressing walk to the village nearby.
 Trek to Winch Camp.
 Check out the one of its kind Haulage Train.
 Picture the most picturesque sunset from top.
 Have a ball of a time with your stranger friends around a campfire.
 Wake up to an inspiring sunrise.

We’ll leave from Chandigarh Airport at around 9 pm in our private vehicle. After having dinner en route we’ll reach our destination the next morning.

We’ll reach our homestay in the morning. After checking in and relaxing for a while we’ll start our day by visiting a few places like;

Uhl River: Barot is right next to the Uhl River. We can actually enjoy your meals sitting beside the river itself.

Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary: Nargu Wildlife Sanctuary is situated across the Uhl River and if we are lucky we can spot the Himalayan Monal, Black Bear, and Ghoral.
Barot Temple: The temple is located at the banks of the river that can be visited after trekking down the hill for about 10 minutes. Shanan Hydel Project: This Hydel project is the main reason for Barot’s existence. Its history dates back to 1924 and was built by a Britisher Col. Betty.
We’ll also try our hands on some trout fishing. If we get lucky, we might have an interesting dinner.

After getting up early in the morning we can go on a walk around the village, which will be the most de-stressing thing. After having our breakfast, we’ll leave for Winch Camp. Winch Camp is the highest settlement in the Joginder Nagar at an altitude of 2,400 meters. A Haulage Train in this beautiful valley used to take people from Headgear Camp to the Barot village through steep gradient. The slope is actually 90 degrees at some of the places. The haulage way car connects Joginder Nagar valley to Barot valley and in between, there are several stations. Although, the Haulage ride is now functional in some limited parts of the valley. We’ll try and reach here by lunchtime and set up our camps and wait for the magical sunset view from top. As the sun downs we’ll light up our campfire and spend the evening around it while chitchatting and sharing our awesome travel stories before retiring for the day.

We’ll be waking up to the beautiful view while sipping our warm tea/coffee. We’ll have our breakfast and hike down to Barot Town from where we’ll hop on our vehicle to drive back to Chandigarh Airport and catch our respective flights.


• Carry light snacks, fruits and water as the food might not be to your liking. Don’t travel empty stomach.
• Carry your identity proof with you
• Also carry medicines for headache, fever etc. for your own benefit
• Carry sufficient woollen clothes to keep you warm as the weather is quite chilly out there
• Caps and full sleeves clothing is advisable
• Carry sunscreen of 50 SPF and above.




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March 05 2020

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Barot Valley


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