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Dear Buddies,


We are currently in South America and covering this continent and as we believe in covering continents rather than countries so our next destination in Africa.

We will be covering 40 countries and it will be a long trip, a mix of great migrations, road trips, cultural touch and interaction with locals. I understand taking that long holiday is not possible so you can join us as per your dates and come back. We will ensure you are added in the group and you are safely back home.

Part 1 (10 days trip) of our 40 days trip:


The Great Migrations

Known as ‘Africa’s Greatest Wildlife Show’, the Great Wildebeest Migration in Africa is one that will leave you amazed and flabbergasted at this African spectacular! This time we going to explore the Great Migrations, which involves nearly 2 million wildebeest and thousands of zebra in search of food and water will blow your mind for sure. The wildlife is followed by a variety of predators such as lions, leopard, cheetah, hyena which makes this a once in a lifetime experience.

Day 1: Nairobi, Kenya

Nairobi is the world’s only major city with a game reserve and today you will be introduced and welcomed to this incredible city. You will usually be introduced to your group at about 18h00 but if you arrive early, you could try one of the Nairobi Urban Adventure to pass the time.  Feel free to join your new travel companions for an optional dinner, alternately you can venture out on your own.

Accommodation: Hotel (1 night)
Meals: No meals included

Day 2: Nairobi, Kenya

You will spend the morning taking part in a special adventure: a ‘From Farm to Feast’ Urban Adventure where you will learn about the relationship between farming and food. You will deliver chickens and pigs to the local community and in so doing you will witness a local non-profit assist with the alleviation of poverty and malnutrition in Kenya. You can barter with the locals at the street market for pigs and chickens and then sit down in one of their homes to hear about the challenges their communities face. Your tour costs will go to directly to supporting nutrition efforts in these communities. In the afternoon, your leader will take you on a short walking tour of Nairobi and the evening is free for you to enjoy at your leisure.

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: Breakfast
Included Activities: Nairobi – Farm to Feast Community Visit

Day 3: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

You will be transferred from Nairobi to the famous Masai Mara (approximately 6 – 7 hours drive) which is one of the best game reserves in all of Africa. You will stop at a remote area, Loita Hills, which is home to the Masai people who are famed for their jewellery and bright red attire. A local elder will give you an intriguing talk filled with insights into this incredible culture and you will have an opportunity to visit a traditional Masai home and their cattle enclosures before continuing to the outskirts of the Masai Mara, where your permanent tented camp can be found.

Accommodation: Permanent Tented Camp
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Included Activity: Loita Hills, Masai Village Visit

Day 4: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya

You will explore the Masai Mara in 4×4 safari vehicles on game drives both in the morning and afternoon. This is the ultimate African experience boasting open plains, breathtaking skies and magnificent animals. Please keep your eyes peeled for wildebeest, lions, leopards, antelope and giraffes, to name but a few. This is an incredible and memorable experience.

Accommodation: Permanent Tented Camp
Meals: Breakfast,  Lunch, Dinner
Included Activity: Masai Mara – Full Day 4×4 Game Drive
Optional Activity: Masai Mara National Reserve – Balloon ride (from price) – US$500

Day 5: Lake Victoria, Musoma

As you head towards the border separating Kenya and Tanzania you have a long day of travel before arriving in the small town of Musoma on the banks of Lake Victoria. It is the largest tropical lake in the world and the largest lake in Africa, sharing it’s banks with Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. As you will be spending the next three days in the wilderness please ensure you stock up at the local market and have some cash on hand and then feel free to relax at the beach watching the sunset.

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: Breakfast; Dinner

Day 6: Serengeti National Park

You could rise early and partake in a guided bike excursion around Musoma where you will dash around visiting the markets and interacting with the locals. You will travel from Lake Victoria to Serengeti National Park (approximately three hours) and enjoy a picnic lunch at the entrance to the famous area and then continue onto your campsite on your first Serengeti game drive. Please do keep an eye out for the indigenous animals and predators that call this place home. Your camp is at an unfenced site within the national park, right in the heart of the animal activity – a true African safari experience. You need not worry as you will be briefed on full safely by your leader upon arrival.

Accommodation: Camping (with basic facilities)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Included Activity: Serengeti National Park – Overland Vehicle Game Drive

Day 7: Serengeti National Park

Today you will rise to experience another magical day in the Serengeti. You will have an early morning game drive to search for animals as this is when they are at their most energetic and then return to the campsite for a leisurely brunch. It is highly recommended that you spend the hottest part of the day relaxing in camp and then in the afternoon you can head out for another game drive through the park. You will spend another glorious night under the Serengeti’s stars after dinner.

Accommodation: Camping (with basic facilities)
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Included Activity: Serengeti National Park – Overland Vehicle Game Drive
Optional Activity: Serengeti National Park – Balloon Ride (from price) – US$599

Day 8: Karatu

As you exit the park this morning you will enjoy another game drive and then you will pass through the Ngorongoro Conservation area on your way to Karatu, a small town on it’s border. Ngorongoro, a gigantic volcanic caldera, is a World Heritage site of which the highlight is the Ngorongoro Crater. You will have an opportunity to visit it tomorrow where you will hopefully get to see all of the Big Five.

Accommodation: Lodge
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Included Activity: Serengeti National Park – Overland Vehicle Game drive

Day 9: Ngorongoro Crater / Arusha

You will descend into Ngorongoro’s crater floor for a 4×4 excursion and if we are lucky we will get to see some (or hopefully all) of the Big Five that live here. The vehicle has an open roof which makes for quite an adventure where you can get to watch the animals up close. As you make your way down you will have an opportunity to take in the magnificent views from the rim of the crater pmwhere animals roam the lakes, rivers, woodlands and hills. Please keep an eye out for wildebeest, lion, zebra, cheetah, buffalo, gazelle and the endangered black rhino. You will also see the vibrantly dressed Masai people who often water their cattle at the lake here. You will drive to Arusha in the afternoon and maybe enjoy an optional group dinner to celebrate this trip and say farewell to your new friends.

Accommodation: Hotel
Meals: Breakfast, Lunch
Included Activities: Ngorongoro Crater – 4×4 Game Drive

Day 10: Arusha (or Nairobi)

After a delightful breakfast, you have come to the end of your tour. For those wanting to go to Kilimanjaro Airport (JRO) or Arusha Airport (ARK) – there is a departure transfer that can be booked, at an additional cost. Alternatively, you may continue on with your group and end in Nairobi.

Meals: Breakfast

Countries: Tanzania & Kenya
Stay: Camping Lodges
Starts Nairobi & Ends Arusha







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Thanks & Regards

Gaurav Rana


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June 24 2020

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