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Iceland In Winter | Packing List

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So you are tripping to Iceland!
That too in Winter!
Don’t worry.. you won’t freeze!

Now you will think, who I am to tell all these things? Have I travelled enough?

So here I am, been to Iceland 5 times and driven 10000+ km on all kind of terrain in the country of vikings. Now let’s come back to the point.

To be honest, winter is the best time to explore Northern Lights in Iceland; as well as you can do lots of winter activities starting from Skiing to Snowboarding to sledging and taking warm bath in those endless natural hot geysers dotting the entire geography of this country consisting of mind blowing landscapes, seismic unstable terrains, umpteen number of waterfalls and natural showers!

Iceland in Winter is truly a lifetime experience! February is the perfect Ice Cave month, make sure to book in advance though it is very popular. During the last couple of years, Iceland has a lot of snow in February, creating a real winter wonderland, be prepared when packing!


Packing Essentials for Winter in Iceland

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1. The cold here is biting. Therefore warm, multi-layerd cold and waterproof jackets are pure essentials as even if you don’t do any snow activities, chances are high your wears will get wet as you keep walking through the slushy, snowy marshlands. Water from the waterfalls scatter in jet speed and will make you drenched unless you take proper protection! So, take a proper layered heavy jacket and of course wind and coldproof gloves. They will be your saviours there during this time of the year!

See this photo, I am wearing 5 layer and on the top is rain coat with hood so that I won’t get wet. My socks are warm till knee socks and gloves are water proof warm layered gloves.

2. Take warm hoodiesand ofcourse thermals that will work as your internal baselayers. They will not just protect your skin and keep them warm but will work as the perfect protective innershields fortifying your outer material.

3. We only recommend rental cars in February to those who are used to driving in snow and ice.

Indian Driving License is valid to drive in Iceland and we recommend Blue Car Rentalto rent out the cars in Iceland. tried and tested by me and they provide cars in best conditions with all the major insurance. Office is just outside the Keflavik international airport.

4.Icelandic horses grow a surprising amount of hair during wintertime and in February they are looking like real furballs. Don’t be fooled it is still the same horse, just cuter!

5. Don’t pack too much. Rather pack in layers as this will not just save space but you can choose what to wear according to temperatures! Warm bodyhugging coats, fleece jackets and a solid winter hat is absolutely necessary when packing. Don’t forget scarves and woolen socks. Take few pairs as if needed, you can wash and wear them without falling short on your stock! You will ofcourse want to take a dip into the hot mineral geysers out there. Therefore, don’t forget to take the perfect swimsuit for that!

6. Take that inevitable first-aid kit as you won’t be able to chase doctors in the events of small injuries! They are expensive as well! Try to carry power strips in place of powerbanks as most of the time the charging options in your BNBs and hotels are not sufficient. Also, take spare bateries as batteries really suck in cold temperatures. Don’t forget your camera essentials and the other important gadgets that you can’t do without during your trip. Tripods are must haves as your best Northern Lights moments come only during the time when everyone around is sleeping and you wont be able to hold your cameras outside so long in that extremely chiiling weather!

7. Buy a good waterproof spiked bootthat will keep your feet warm during your thrilling period of adventure. Carry some of the hiking essentials too in case you feel hiking would be a must during your much sought-after sojourn in Iceland!

8. Invest in a good pair of UV ray shield gogglesand don’t forget to take your cold weather skin gears like sunscreens, chap balms, antiseptic ointments and body soothers as the open sunrays and bitter cold wind can really play harsh on your skin and hairs damaging them beyond repairs!

9. Take ample snacksand easy-to-carry and easy-to-make food items that will help satiate your food cravings once you are on that long road journey and don’t get enough food stations on the way! This is true for the hiking part as well.

10. To much relief you don’t need to pay mountains on packaged water as in this country tap waters all ovef are extremely safe and healthy. Carry a tough, reusable water bottlethat you can use for all your refills.

11. Intelligent Packing: Be on your toes of course but there’s no need to carry loads on your journey to Iceland. Keep it simple; keep it light. Do intelligent packing that will save you unnecessary headaches of carrying around weights! Good waterproof multichain backgears and a large comfortable Tourister is enough for the journey!

Don’t fret! Just keep all the above mentioned points in mind.


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Much Love

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