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Russia 12 Days In Russia : Detailed Itinerary for Travelers Most of the travelers think that idea to explore Russia is scary but Russia is one of the most exotic and scenic places your will have ever visited. Beaches to mountains, Castles to Catherdrals and Museums to Bunkers, Russia has it all. The west of the […]

Iceland In Winter | Packing List

“ICELAND”   So you are tripping to Iceland! That too in Winter! Don’t worry.. you won’t freeze! Now you will think, who I am to tell all these things? Have I travelled enough? So here I am, been to Iceland 5 times and driven 10000+ km on all kind of terrain in the country of vikings. […]

Portugal Perfect Itinerary

“PORTUGAL”   Only have one week in Portugal?   Don’t worriy! This tiny but culture rich country has a lot to see, but you still be able to taste what it offers in just one week. I spent one week and explored cities and loved it. And it ended up being a perfect sampling of […]

9 Days in Spiti Valley

            Spiti Beckons Do you feel like waking up to the sounds of cymbals? Or want to track the trail of the gongs coming down from a distant snow-laden valley? Well, you can think Spiti then! Forget those hectic schedules for a few days and pack only the necessary things. Let Spiti […]

How To Book Flight Tickets Cheap

First and foremost thing is that we need to decide and zero down our destination. Secondly the approx. duration days of your trip. Choosing the Days of Travel Try to Book your onward flight tickets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Saturdays and they will be cheap. Airlines will open their offers on Monday noon to Tuesday […]

How Travel Changed My Life

How Travel can change your life? Just read this awesome blog from Dipti, who experienced it first hand. What I make of myself, depends completely on me. How I react to situations, when I decide to walk off or stay back, what I do to achieve what I want to achieve and what I think […]

10 days itinerary for Kinnaur & Spiti Valley: Blog

Travel Buddies Talk always share real stories of serious travelers and in this series this is our first blog, which is from Aditi & Deepak, here is their story. I am a Chartered Accountant by qualification and a travelholic by passion! The corporate life not being my cup of tea made me change 4 jobs […]

Packing List for New York (Winters)

Packing List for New York (Winters)

Winter NYC Packing List (7-10 days) You will never be prepared for New York City. So stop trying to pack for every possible scenario. It won’t work. Instead, pack for the right season (more on that at the end), and think hard about what you want to do. December Weather: Average High: 44°F (7°C) Average Low: 32°F […]

Go Goa

Goa- a usual destination for Indians, yet an unusual one for me. I love the atmosphere, thrill, countryside, views, beaches and so many other unsaid things of this place.   Millions of the stars above my head and breeze and sounds of water, not possible in the concrete jungle of our cities to see stars […]


My First SCUBA DIVING EXPERIENCE: Netrani (also known as Pigeon Island in old maps) is a tiny island of India located in the Arabian Sea. It is off the coast of Karnataka situated approximately 10 nautical miles (19 km) from the temple town of Murudeshwara. Views from above give this island the appearance of being […]